HTMI becomes HITS, a Suite in version 3.0

The new version of the interactive system Holofractal Transducer of Music and Image became so different from the previous ones that I also decided to change its name to Holofractal Interactive Transducer Suite, now in the III generation. As its name sounds, it brings together several independent apps, here called modules as it remains like synthesizer modules, which may be independently combined and used as the player/improviser needs them. That was the solution for the heavy increasing in memory and processing power as we moved from version 1 (in Max 5, 32 bit) to version 2 (in Max 6, 64 bit). But it also meant an opportunity for opening more combinatory possibilities than the available ones in the old releases.

If you are interested in being one of my alpha testers, you may download some of the apps from the HITS3:

More details briefly (and no, there’s still no date for the complete releasing).


One thought on “HTMI becomes HITS, a Suite in version 3.0

  1. A few more details about the alpha released modules:
    1. Astro – AstroNoiseBand is dedicated to calculate the orbits of the Solar System main massive objects (planets and satellite) and apply the function to noise filters. It allows the user to accelerate the movement by a million (or even more, depending on your machine). It may be also used to filter an incoming live sound or a sound file, beside white and pink noise. Amazing for complexifying a live sound performance.
    2. Audio2Midi – as it says in the title, this module takes incoming audio signal and converts it into midi discrete notes. Melodic, so far, but perfect for instance to improvise live with AI Duet, a piece of online Artificial Intelligence algorithm that “listens” midi notes, compares them to a huge music database from Magenta.TensorFlow project )available here and find a “proper” auto generated melodic response. Fun garantizada!
    3. FrakGran – Fraktal Granulator is based on the Granular Synthesizer patch created in Max 6.0.7 by Håkon Nybø (upon the build saved on 18/12/2012 and freely distributed by the author on It received some midi income data new doors, in order to integrate the HTSI Suite. If you plan to use it, please share alike the author’s credit.
    4. FrakMSP – Fraktal Midi and Sample Player is the flagship and the core of the whole Suite. Its main function is to capture a webcam live stream and convert the detected pixels movements it into a flow of midi data, which may be directed to a physical or virtual synth. Version 3.3 (stable) encompass several modes, like Diatonic (white notes), Fractal (Gaston Julia’s), Dodecaseries (through autogenerated random dodecaphonic series), MidiFlow (allowing a midi file reading of any piece of music that will be triggered by the webcam detected motion), between many other possibilities. In the field of audio sample playing, it offers 2 submodules: one for aleatoric triggering of up to six different audio files, and a second that randomly controls the speed of up to seven audio files, both based on the motion detection. There is a tap tempo controller, restricted to the wisdom of finding a compatible cue limiter (Qlim) calibration. Last, it offers the sending of midi cc (control change) messages to two simultaneous channels, by means of midi or OSC messaging (localhost or network streaming). In version 3.4b (unstable) you will find the new option for Mandelbrot function in Fractal Mode (really beautiful stuff) and a small version of Audio2Midi inside the ADC submodule (yes, I know, a subsubmodule is terrible, but … I have my reasons).
    5. Fraktal Improvisor – is a lightweight fractal series generator, based on up to 4 simultaneous fractal melodies artificial composer (a stupid, but unpredictable one, I would make a serious remark). Useful for the most lazy moments of your performance (and even for going to the bathroom, specially if you combine a good grand piano sound with some post-post-modern synthetic timbre, reverb and delay at your personal taste, from French reverbs to Brazilian Barbecue long ping-ponged delays).
    6. Fraktal FM Waves Generator allows you to combine up to four voices to play waves with Julia’s fractal defined frequencies. There is a “drone” auto generator and it may receive external midi input, such as Audio2Midi, FrakMSP, depending on the bus you select.
    7. Serial Killer is unfortunately waiting for an update of the “matrix12” object. When working properly, it plays up to six voices of dodecaphonic series, including their retrograde, inverted and inverted-retrograde.
    8. X.FM is a slightly improved version of the homonymous synthesizer offered with Max/MSP. I added to it some midi cc controls, an autoplayer, an external midi port OSC input and some new timbre presets may be found at the presets folder.

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