HTMI becomes HITS, a Suite in version 3.0

The new version of the interactive system Holofractal Transducer of Music and Image became so different from the previous ones that I also decided to change its name to Holofractal Interactive Transducer Suite, now in the III generation. As its name sounds, it brings together several independent apps, here called modules as it remains like synthesizer modules, which may be independently combined and used as the player/improviser needs them. That was the solution for the heavy increasing in memory and processing power as we moved from version 1 (in Max 5, 32 bit) to version 2 (in Max 6, 64 bit). But it also meant an opportunity for opening more combinatory possibilities than the available ones in the old releases.

If you are interested in being one of my alpha testers, you may download some of the apps from the HITS3:

More details briefly (and no, there’s still no date for the complete releasing).