HTMI – Holofractal Transducer of Music and Image System

This system is a Max/MSP patch which integrates several FM synthesizers (by John Bischoff and Cycling 74), granularizers (by GMU and Christopher Keyes) to video motions transducers (one of them based on Jamoma’s Library:, allowing the user to convert video signals into fractal sounds.


An article about the main features of this system may be found here, on page 123:

My Ph.D. thesis, which encompasses a full chapter about the system in Portuguese, is available here:

And here you will find the detailed technical specifications of the first version (in Portuguese, only): 

Click to access Sistema%20HTMI.pdf

Choose and download the latest versions of HTMI System at the main page of this website.

4 thoughts on “HTMI – Holofractal Transducer of Music and Image System

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