HTMI – Holofractal Transducer of Music and Image System

This system is a Max/MSP patch which integrates several FM synthesizers (by John Bischoff and Cycling 74), granularizers (by GMU and Christopher Keyes) to video motions transducers (one of them based on Jamoma’s Library:, allowing the user to convert video signals into fractal sounds.


An article about the main features of this system may be found here, on page 123:

My Ph.D. thesis, which encompasses a full chapter about the system in Portuguese, is available here:

And here you will find the detailed technical specifications of the first version (in Portuguese, only): 

Click to access Sistema%20HTMI.pdf

Choose and download the latest versions of HTMI System at the main page of this website.

What is Holofractal Music

Hard to put on a few words, but the Holofractal Music project is a new approach on interactive music creation and listening, based on semiotic transductions of dance, poetry, performance, video, movies, theatre, gestures or anything that moves into fractal sounds. The research dates from the 1980’s, when I was advised by composers as H.-J. Koellreutter (1915-2003) and Conrado Silva de Marco (1940-2014), which were students and teachers of Luigi Nono, John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhausen and Pierre Boulez, my Aesthetics “grandfathers”.

This is accomplished, mostly, by means of a software I developed in my Ph.D. research called HTMI – Holofractal Transducer of Music and Image System. It is a free software, licensed under Creative Commons, and you may download it here.

Eufrasio Prates, Ph.D.

Complementary software you may need

First of all, you may know that all Max software is fully developed for Mac OS X and in the last years they are supporting Windows versions, but not fully functional. This means that you may suffer a little bit more, if you’re on Windows, but never fear — it is possible and in all my workshops I have some PC users that already did it (not all, nevertheless). Linux, unfortunately, is not supported at all (which is a shame, I agree).


If you’re running OS X 10.4 or superior, you should be able to get everything done, but in some cases you will need to download one or some of those libraries or extensions:


HTMI System, Patch version 2.2c:

To run it, you will need Windows versions of: